As you may have discovered through your own experiences, mold grows a lot faster in spring, summer, and early autumn than it does during colder months. Warmer weather almost always leads to surprising amounts of mold growth in homes all over, but it’s not surprising to any of us at Free Mold Check! Here’s why.

Mold, like any plant or fungus grows faster when it’s warm out. This is because of the warmth itself, as well as the increased rainfall. That’s why mold thrives the most in springtime.

The warmth melts any leftover snow and ice, and makes the air more humid, creating the perfect atmosphere for mold growth. This is especially true of certain areas in your home.

You’ll notice that attics, basements, and bathrooms receive and retain more moisture than any other area of the home. That’s why they have the highest risk for mold growth, making them the first places mold inspectors check.

It’s also why we recommend routinely checking your home for mold growth during warmer months or after a heavy rainfall. All mold needs is a little bit of warmth and moisture to really thrive.

If you want to prevent mold growth as the temperatures rise, we recommend airing out your home frequently. Open windows and adjoining doors to let the air flow freely and reduce moisture in the home. Using ceiling fans, windows fans, and dehumidifiers can also help with this.

Above all, watch for the signs of mold growth and schedule an inspection if you suspect there may be mold growing in your home. Don’t risk your health. Watch for mold in warmer weather and call a professional before the infestation gets out of hand!

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