Over 9,000 servicemembers and civilians are living at the military base in Qatar, and these people are living in appalling conditions. They’ve been dealing with mold infestations for some time now, but receiving very little attention in the media.

Mold thrives in the up to 120 degree temperatures that the area faces. In fact, these U.S. Military personnel are being forced to deal with mold covered mattresses and restrooms.

Many of the facilities on the base have collapsed roofs on top of excessive mold and mildew. There’s black mold growing all over the military base, constantly threatening the health of these service men and women.

The issue has been raised again and again by the service members themselves and by well-wishers, yet it has been ignored for quite some time. However, senators recently began protesting the issue and calling for action.

Fervor has increased since the recent committee hearing where it was announced that Brad Carson was nominated to be the new undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness. The complaints were raised during the hearing and Carson promised to look into it as soon as he takes his new position.

This issue has been covered up by the media because it doesn’t make our government look good, but it’s not an uncommon story in the military. No one should have to live in such terrible conditions, especially not service member who risk their lives daily for national security.

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