FREE MOLD CHECK will perform a complete and thorough mold inspection by a certified mold inspection professional at NO CHARGE to you.

The initial consultation will include a walkthrough of the entire property including attics, basements, and crawl spaces. Our certified inspectors will perform a visual inspection of all areas while utilizing high-tech thermal imaging to detect mold behind drywall and areas that cannot be accessed visually.

In addition to the visual inspection, our experts will take moisture readings and measure the humidity in your home to determine if humidity is at a dangerous level that could cause rapid mold growth. In the event that mold is found during the initial inspection, our certified inspectors will document the affected areas with a digital imaging device.

They will also document the various moisture and humidity levels if they are deemed to be abnormal. In the event the Free Mold Check inspectors find areas of visible mold growth they will provide you with a written report and their professional recommendation for mold testing, as well as a free estimate of the laboratory charges for those tests.


Is there mold lurking in your home?

Although mold occurs naturally in nature, some molds can be quite dangerous and can even reach toxic levels if left untreated. In order to ensure your families health & well being, it may be necessary to perform laboratory testing to determine if the mold found during our inspection process is toxic.

The Free Mold Check experts can determine what type of tests to perform and provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE of the laboratory costs for those tests. Our certified mold inspection professionals can perform simple tape tests and mold swab tests.

We can even perform indoor sample tests to measure the spore count in your home compared to the air outside your home. Once the samples are collected they will be sent to an independent testing laboratory for analysis.

Mold test results are usually available in 3-5 days and can be expedited in case of emergency at a small additional cost. Once the test results are received back from the laboratory, our Free Mold Check CERTIFIED MOLD EXPERTS will contact you to schedule a meeting to review the laboratory findings and provide you with a copy of the written lab reports.


Once the laboratory test results are in, our Free Mold Check Certified Mold Expert will provide you with a detailed report of the laboratory’s findings, type of toxins present, spore count, and what this means for your family and their health.

At this time the inspector will address all of your concerns, answer your questions and give you his professional recommendation to remediate the toxins present in your home. During this meeting the inspector will provide you with a detailed plan of action and the estimated time frame to complete the remediation project.

He will inform you if you will be able to occupy the residence during the remediation project or whether you will be forced to vacate the home during the time the work is performed. He will also notify you of any contents that will need to be disposed of due to mold contamination.

Please make sure that you notify the inspector of any health problems such as allergies, asthma, or any respiratory problems that you or other members of you family have.

Finally, our Free Mold Check certified experts will provide you with a written estimate of the repair costs to perform the remediation project and schedule the remediation process to begin as soon as possible to prevent further health problems and additional damage to your dwelling.

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