We always knew mold was adaptable, but did you know there’s a type of mold that can actually be considered intelligent? Scientists recently performed tests on a certain slime mold that was able to figure out obstacles and learn from its experiences. We don’t know about you, but we are thoroughly creeped out. Here’s what they discovered.

The mold in question is a yellow, brainless slime mold. That’s right; it’s brainless but can still learn!

Scientists presented the mold with the task of crossing two gelatin bridges to reach a special, oat-based snack. One of the bridges had an obstacle of either quinine or caffeine, both of which mold is known to avoid. The other bridge had no obstacle.

It took the slime mold only a few hours of experimenting to realize the caffeine and quinine were harmless and passed through them. It took them two days to revert back to their old aversion to the substances after having learned their harmlessness.

There’s a lot more research to be done and a lot more potential for this special slime mold, but one thing is certain. It’s redefining what can be qualified as “intelligent” in the science world. Some scientists are even suggesting that intelligent life could have evolved before brains did.

No matter what comes of the research though, it’s a fascinating discover. Mold never ceases to amaze us. Just don’t let mold amaze you by letting it infest your home. Schedule an inspection with Free Mold Check today, before mold learns any new tricks!

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