A student in Muncie, Indiana was unpleasantly surprised last week when he opened his cream cheese packet to find it coated in green, blue, and white mold. It was served to students at Central High School in Muncie and posted to social media by two seniors there.

It was a single serving packet of cream cheese that was still within its expiration date, according to reports. The school had recently been outsourcing its cafeteria duties to a private provider called Chartwell, but it isn’t clear who gave the students the cream cheese packet.

In fact, there’s still no explanation as to why mold was growing there in the first place. The school insists that the food distributor has been provided with a full complaint about the product.

The issue is being investigated, but as of right now, the county health department has stated that the school did nothing wrong. If anything, this was the fault of the food vendor.

However, the student who posted the photo said that there have been other instances where the food served was unsightly or inedible. Regardless, it makes you wonder what your kids are being served on a daily basis at their schools.

The moral of this story is that all parents (and teachers) should be cautious about their children’s schools and ask that their children watch out for these dangers. Mold growth in schools, whether in the food or on the walls, is disturbingly common.

If you think your child’s school has a mold infestation, have the administrators schedule a mold inspection right away. The key is to be diligent and never risk your child’s health.

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