Spring showers can also lead to spring floods, which is why it’s important to know how to prevent mold growth after a flood. If your home gets flooded this spring, be aware that mold can start to grow within 24 hours. Mold thrives on warmth and moisture, which is why spring flooding almost always leads to mold growth. Here’s what you need to do to stop it.

  1. Pump out the water

First you should hire a restoration company to pump the excess water out right away. Of if you have your own pump, then do it yourself. Either way, you need to get that water out as soon as possible. If you live in a high flood risk area, it’s a good idea to always keep sandbags on hand to sop up any excess water.

  1. Remove wet things

Pull out any carpet, furniture–anything at all that got wet. Sometimes you can save these things by airing them out and /or dry cleaning them, but be aware you may end up having to throw them out in order to avoid mold growth. Be especially wary about paper products like books and cardboard boxes. These are extremely porous, making them extra susceptible to mold growth.

  1. Clean thoroughly

For those things that you can save, make sure to clean them (and dry them) thoroughly. Don’t leave anything unturned. The only way to prevent mold growth is to make sure nothing is overlooked. Clean everything and throw out anything that can’t be cleaned.

  1. Air it out

Run fans, open windows, fire up a humidifier. Do whatever you can to air out the flooded space. Letting the moisture sit is what harbors mold growth. So if you can keep the air moving, you can keep your home safe from the onslaught of mold.

  1. Search for mold

After and during all of this, make sure to keep an eye out for mold. Sometimes what looks like a wet spot is actually a mold spot. So be wary and diligent. If you’re uncertain, schedule a mold inspection and get a professional’s opinion.

Flooding doesn’t always have to lead to mold if you’re careful. If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to prevent mold growth after a flood, or at least limit it.

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