Marine Gunnery Sgt. Joe Federico and his wife Shelley recently won $350,000 in a mold lawsuit after they became sick from extended mold exposure in their military-issued housing in Norfolk, VA.

The lawsuit found Mid-Atlantic Military Family Communities, which is a subsidiary of Lincoln Military Housing, guilty of negligence in regards to the mold infestation. The lawsuit claimed that the mold caused serious illness, including brain damage, to the victims.

In fact, though the amount they were awarded was large, their lawyer described it as a disappointing verdict, since they were seeking $8 million. Additionally, 19 other former tenants have also filed lawsuits against Mid-Atlantic over mold infestations and negligence.

These instances are common in military housing and there’s really no end in sight, since the families are dependent on these organizations and don’t have any alternatives. This means they’re easy to take advantage of. Not so in this case, however!

If you suspect you’ve also been the victim of a mold infestation because of negligence, we recommend getting a professional mold inspection right away. This will give you the concrete evidence you need that you have a mold infestation and it will help you take the necessary first step toward reparations.

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