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    Searching for a team in Burbank that offers household mold removal services? Check out and try Kingdom Restoration. They also offer mold inspection services.

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    Mold is gross. I am disgusted by it and I was unhappy that it was in my home…to say the least…but there are a lot of things that made it better and this company was one of them. They dealt with the gross mold…and all of the water damage too! Thx

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    i received three quotes, and chose silver linings. they were quick and did all of the remodeling and drywall work.

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    We had a big rain on Monday of last week, and I was away for business until Saturday. When I came back there was a foot of water in my basement and mold crawling up the walls. Silver Linings came in and somehow (miraculously) got all of the water out of the basement and cut out the damaged drywall that was completely ruined by water and mold. The smell is completely gone.

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    I have a small apartment and a cat, and my landlord called to receive a free mold check from this company. They did a great job, but most importantly they were really conscious of my cat and making sure that he was safe and away from any toxins or even the mold in general. I wouldn't expect a mold company to be "pet friendly," but they were.

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    i have not used this website before
    i am happy with results

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    I actually only tried to have someone come look at the mold because it was free. When they came, they told me what kind it was (it wasn't harmful, just gross looking) and they said they could either remove it or leave it, it was really up to me. I took some time to think and I decided that I wanted it removed. They came back and they were quick and it was cheaper than what they quoted me. I am glad I got rid of it, and I am happy with the way my home looks.

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    easiest thing to do was to remove the entire wall in our home because mold had spread everywhere. we knew this was going to occur before inspection because it was a very bad problem. changes were fast and there were no problems

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    We have an older house, and one day I was looking behind the washing machine for a shirt I dropped and found SO MUCH MOLD. I freaked out, and after my husband finally calmed me down (it was so gross) we called Silver Linings. They showed up the same day and told me not to worry because it wasn't the poisonous kind, just all over the place. Now, looking behind the washing machine the mold is gone AND they repaired the pipe that was leaking, that apparently caused the mold in the first place. I'm so grateful to have my house back to normal.

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