Before receiving a listing on FREE MOLD CHECK, our technicians and inspectors go through extensive background screenings and must provide certain credentials. Once they have effectively passed these tests, they are listed in our elite directory of only the highest-trained mold inspection and remediation specialists.

The IICRC “certifies and develops certifications and standards for inspection, cleaning and restoration.” Because the IICRC education and certification process is so thorough, at FREE MOLD CHECK we only list IICRC certified technicians.

Our certified professionals have the training and experience necessary in order to:
•    Evaluate any mold growth (either suspected or visible)
•    Identify sources of moisture and mold growth
•    Remove contamination
•    Ensure eradication of mold by drying building materials
•    Limit damage to the smallest possible area
•    Provide recommendations on restoration procedures
•    Perform restoration procedures

At FREE MOLD CHECK we understand that only the most educated technicians should be assigned the task of mold remediation and inspection.  Through this screening process we ensure that our remediation professionals are honest, knowledgeable and detail-oriented.

Certified technicians and inspectors understand the need for immediate response and the consequences of delayed mold remediation. Their training allows them to provide you with up-to-date procedures and products as well as the most accurate inspection of your home.