Mold growth is always a problem, but did you know mold can permanently damage your home? That means the couple spots on your bathroom wall you’ve been ignoring for the past few months could lead to something more serious. Although experiencing permanent damage is rare, it does happen. Especially if you wait to have the mold removed or attempt to remove it yourself.

See the problem with mold is that it thrives on moisture and lack of ventilation. It can grow in just about any porous material and can lurk behind walls or inside crawlspaces where you can’t see it. If allowed to grow for a lengthy period of time, mold can permanently damage the structural integrity of your home.

Though mold can be removed, it can only be removed with special chemicals used by certified professionals. However, if it’s left untreated for too long, even these powerful chemicals won’t be enough to save your home.

That’s why it’s essential to have your home inspected for mold before it becomes fully infested. There may be mold growing in your home this very minute in your drywall or attic or basement. You can’t know for sure unless you get a professional mold inspection and possibly even an air quality test.

Luckily, Free Mold Check is here to help! We offer free visual mold inspections to homeowners and keep an active database of the most reputable IICRC certified mold removal specialists in your area. Contact us today to get your free inspection.

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