A lot of times people put off getting a mold inspection because they don’t know the signs, but there are several indicators. And if you check for these, you can save yourself a lot of time, grief, and money when it comes to mold remediation. Here are 4 signs you need a mold inspection right away.

1. Mold Exposure Symptoms

You may think you’re just dealing with spring allergies, but you could actually be experiencing mold exposure symptoms, which are almost identical. If you or your family members are sneezing, coughing, and sniffling a lot, mold may be the cause. It’s a good indicator you have mold growing somewhere in your home that you can’t see.

2. Spots or Discoloration

On the other hand, there may very well be visible signs of mold that you’ve missed. If you’ve noticed that certain areas in your home look spotty, darker, or discolored, this could be an indication of mold growth. They key is to check often and make note of any differences. Also be aware that mold is more likely to grow in moist areas like bathrooms or basements so be especially diligent about checking there.

3. Musty Smell

A distinct feature of mold growth is the musty smell it emits. It’s similar to the smell of mildew that arises when you leave your clothes in the washer for too long. If you smell this in any area of your home, it’s a sign mold is growing there, either on the surface or behind walls.

4. Water Damage

If your home has ever been flooded or if you’ve ever head a leaky or burst pipe, you should definitely get a mold inspection. Mold thrives on areas where there’s excess moisture and it’s incredibly difficult to remove all moisture after incidents like these happen. This means mold will almost certainly grow there afterwards, even if it isn’t immediate.

If you think have a mold infestation in your home, schedule a mold inspection through Free Mold Check right away. The longer you wait, the more time the mold has to grow!

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